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23rd January 2017 -  A new agreement for the Italian group, ready to take on the new year by developing new market synergies

On Monday 23rd January, in Paris, a new agreement was signed, giving the Fassi Group the majority share of CTELM, the holding company to which the French brands FASSI FRANCE, MILTRA and MARREL belong.

It has been confirmed that Roger Boutonnet will continue as president of CTELM, and he took the opportunity, during the signing, to underline the excellent results obtained in 2016, both in terms of sales for Marrel and also with regards to the strengthening of all the subsidiaries. Boutonnet, also a partner in CTELM, emphasized the objectives of growth and continuity that the company has set for the near future.

The new and important role that the Fassi Group will play in CTELM is a further step for its consolidation in the French market. “This is an excellent opportunity to develop new commercial synergies for the CRANAB and JEKKO brands, which already form part of our group”. These were the words stated with satisfaction by Giovanni Fassi, CEO of the company of the same name, which is the world leader in the lifting sector.

The Fassi group thus confirms its intention to consolidate its market position as a point of reference on an international level in the logistic, construction, recycling and forestry sectors.

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